Distant Village Mart


Services & Features

  • Graphic Design
  • Signs Installation

Hopper Corp designed and installed new lighted sign panels for two signs at Distant Village Mart. Distant Village Mart is located in Armstrong County on Route 28, just a few miles south of New Bethlehem, PA towards Kittanning, PA.  Sign design and installation was completed for two different shapes and sizes at this one location. One exterior sign panel was installed on the front of the Distant Village Mart building,  The second sign was completed on the premises giving the new business a fresh look. Distant Village Mart chose to have new signs installed in order to create new brand identity and recognition at the former location of the Bostonia Country Store. In order to break away from the previous company’s name and reputation, it was important for Distant Village Mart to create a new brand image by installing a completely different exterior lighted sign face.

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